I first met Raven Keyes in 1998, She was giving a meditation class at an Equinox Fitness Club. I felt an instant connection to her. She was inspirational – magical, and I was strongly drawn to her in a way that I could not explain. I joined Equinox because she was there. I wanted to take meditation classes with her. I wanted to be in her “aura.” She also introduced me to Reiki and we began to do energy healing work together. I felt peaceful and connected to the universe through Raven and saw her as often as I could. I am a relatively healthy and active woman. I work out regularly at the gym and have a busy work and social life.

In March 2000 something terrifying happened to me. On my way to a business breakfast, walking at my usual pace, I began to experience difficulty breathing. I felt as if I couldn’t get any air and each breath was a struggle. I felt light headed, my hands were ice cold and my heart was racing. I panicked, thinking that I might die right there on that street corner alone. I leaned against the building and tried to calm myself down. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to catch my breath and return home. Eventually I felt back to normal and continued with my day, assuming that perhaps this was an allergic reaction to my dog, or something else relatively inconsequential. Based on the fact that I’d had rheumatic fever at age 9, which left me with a heart murmur, and my family history which was tragic (my mother, father and sister all died of heart related problems at very young ages), I decided to call on my cardiologist just to make certain everything was alright.

My cardiologist informed me that I was having symptoms of congestive heart failure; that there was “significant” leakage in my mitral valve and that I would need to have surgery to repair or replace that valve, if I wished to continue a “normal” life style. I was given the choice of open-heart surgery or (if I did nothing) the possibility of a stroke and irreversible damage to my heart. I was terrified at the prospect of such invasive surgery and could not erase the memory of my entire family dying in a hospital within one day of arrival. In an attempt to avoid surgery, I took several medications for about six months, experiencing those same attacks. I knew in my heart that “waiting” was a dangerous game to play. I decided to interview the top cardiac surgeons just to be “prepared.”

During a Reiki session with Raven, I told her that I needed open-heart surgery and that after interviewing several top surgeons, I had narrowed it down to two choices: Dr. Wayne Isom and Dr. Mehmet Oz. What attracted me to Dr. Oz was his belief in energy healing as an adjunct to surgery, as reported in a newspaper article I had read. Dr. Oz understood that the success of an operation required dealing with the “whole” person, not just the “damaged” part. He believed in the benefits of meditation, yoga and energy healing. When I proposed this to Raven at the beginning of our Reiki session, she initially said no. However by the end of the session she decided she did want to be part of my healing process and would steel herself to witness Dr. Oz performing his miracle in the operating room.

I asked Dr. Oz if I could bring my healer into the operating room with me. He told me he wanted to see Raven’s resume and then agreed. The knowledge that Raven was going to be at my side during my operation was what enabled me to go through the procedure. I felt held and protected by her, and I knew in my heart that if she was there, everything would be all right.

At 7:00 am on the morning of my surgery, (11/7/00) Raven put on a scrub suit and held my hand as they wheeled me into the operating room. I remember telling her that I wanted to live, that I had so much more to accomplish on this earth. She looked into my eyes, held on to my hands, both medically and spiritually. I was not on this journey alone. I was connected to a higher power through Raven. She was in charge of my spirit – Dr. Oz was in charge of my heart. How could I fail?

I had always been a pragmatic person, but when I met Raven, I entered into another dimension. She is a person whose mind, heart and spirit are totally connected to the universe and whose healing powers are truly a gift that I will cherish forever.

- Susanna Schauer 


October 9, 2001

Dear Raven,

I want to first say thank you for all that you have done for me physically as well as spiritually. I must admit though when I first received your letter I was very skeptical about Reiki and what it could do for me. You have to understand that in my line of work, you are told that if you cannot physically stimulate your body then you are not doing the best thing for your body. For example, lifting weights, running and getting massages. It is unheard of that you could just lie on a massage table and just let someone put hands on you and you feel better after just one session. But that is exactly what happened. After just one session, when I finally was able to let my body accept the energy that John (Keane) and yourself were giving me, my body started to feel totally different. It was an amazing feeling.

I would also like to thank you for your encouragement and support on my efforts in trying to make a return to football. I believe that with the help of Reiki, you really gave me a realistic chance in making my return a reality. Although I decided not to return to playing football, my body has never felt better. But if I had, you would have been a major reason for my comeback.

Once again, I want to say how appreciative I am of all of your love and care that you’ve shown me. Enabling me to open my eyes to the many different things God has in store for me.

- Charles Way, Director of Player Development, NY Giants Football Team

We met in the lobby of the Herbert Irving Pavilion on a beautiful October day in the late morning. She was scheduled with Nuclear Medicine at 11:30 am for the dye injection and picture of her sentinel lymph node. Her mastectomy was scheduled for 1pm. She was in good spirits but understandably a bit anxious while holding back tears. Her husband was putting up a good front, but it was obvious he was nervous about this day. I suppose if your wife of 44 years is having this cancer removing operation, that’s a good enough reason to be distraught. 

She was my Medical Reiki client and I would assist her by administering Reiki to her all day. It started in the lobby where we had a short ceremony and I began giving her Reiki right away. After checking in, we headed deeper into the building to begin her journey, first registering and then we went to patient pre-op. She had been scheduled as the third surgery of the day for 1 pm, but I knew it would be later. If you are not the first scheduled surgery, all quoted times for all other surgeries are at best, in the ballpark for that day. Delays always happen for multitudes of reasons. It is very common. For me, it just means more pre-op time to give more Reiki. For the client, waiting can create more stress and that’s where the extra Reiki really helps. Pre-op can be a traumatic time for anyone waiting to be called into the OR. Nurses, anesthesiologists and doctors are coming and going all asking the same questions over and over. Reiki makes a big difference during this redundant standard operating procedure that is an absolute must for the hospital. 

After a couple of extra hours, the anesthesiologist came in and went through the same checklist of questions. Once completed, he escorted my client, her husband and myself through a maze of hallways leading to the OR. We stopped just outside the family/friends waiting room where the couple embraced in the most loving hug and kiss. He wished his wife well, went into the waiting room, and we went into the operating room. It was 3 pm. As we entered the OR, I was asked by a technician in scrubs with a mask and surgery hat on, "who are you and what are you doing here?"

"I’ll be giving Reiki to your patient (my client) during her mastectomy surgery today." "Oh, ok." He replied. Sometimes there are slightly confrontational greetings from people working in the OR. They see an unfamiliar set of eyes (that’s all you can see) and can be standoffish. As a Medical Reiki Master in the operating room, we almost always work at the head of the table, which is where the anesthesiologist is stationed. They may feel like their space and work area is being invaded and I’ve felt an invisible wall go up between us a few times. The anesthesiologist has to put the person under, keep them alive and a little like an air traffic controller monitor vitals, administer medicines, communicate with the surgeons, fellows, residents and technicians: Multi-tasking at its best.

Well, after having some difficulty getting her properly anesthetized, 10-15 minutes, once the anesthesiologist had calmed down a bit and his patient was under, he stopped fiddling with intubation, buttons, knobs, switches, touch screen monitor, and iv’s. That’s when I saw an opening and asked the anesthesiologist if it was ok for me to start giving Reiki to my client at the head of the table. He waved for me to come over. Finally! That 10-15 minutes seemed a lot longer. 

Sometimes the lead surgeon takes down that invisible wall between the anesthesiologist and the Medical Reiki Master. Often he or she will announce to the OR staff that the patient will be receiving Reiki during the surgery, to break the ice a bit. That was not the case during this operation. The surgeon was totally focused on the breast and in sharing his knowledge with the surgical team right from the start (Columbia NYP is a teaching hospital).

The surgery went well. There were no complications or surprises. I don’t want to refer to it as uneventful; it’s far from that. I’m just saying all went according to plan, which is what everybody wants. The mastectomy went smoothly and my client recovered quickly.

John Keane CMRM

How I learn about Reiki

I am my brother's keeper...

This is my brother John Raphy Bistis.

We use to call him BBOY in short of Baby Boy.

He was the youngest and the only brother I had until May 2017 when he transcended back to our home in the cosmos.

Back in 2015, while I am in my second year of Psychiatry residency training he visited me during my 58 hour straight on duty from his training as a policeman which I ended up admitting him at 12 midnight due to massive hemoptysis (coughing out blood). To make the long story short, after diagnostics and surgical procedures, he was diagnosed to have a rare case of cancer called "synovial sarcoma" stage 4 with multiple lung metastasis.

It was during his first admission that I have learned about REIKI because a psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry is a Reiki Practitioner. She visited me and my brother during this admission since we did not have any relatives in the place where I had my training. She gave Reiki to my brother while he continuously having a massive hemoptysis. The effect was miraculous as my brother stopped coughing and was able to sleep after a few minutes of hands-on reiki session. He was saved just minutes from being intubated as the intubation set was already prepared inside the room.

Since then, other psychiatrists who are reiki practitioners gave my brother reiki especially before, during and after his chemotherapy which helped him a lot. Reiki was also given to him when he was preparing to go back to the cosmos and helped him transcend peacefully last May 3, 2017. Reiki is also very much helpful to his wife, my parents, sister and me during his illness and after his death.

Because of my first-hand experience of the effects of Reiki, I took a year-long in-person training until I was certified as Medical and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.

I hope you could experience Reiki too. 

- Christine Rio Bistis-Nadala MD, PhD, MPM, CMRM

Kevin-Gentleman in his mid 40's with brain cancer came to me for a session.  Had been getting radiation treatments,  his brain was very swollen, lengthy severe chronic pain, using different medications at highest doses with very little relief. I did a 45 minute Reiki Session with him. Per client, during the session the pain was hardly noticeable. After the session pain reduced to almost half, the next day his pain was minimal. I taught him and his wife Reiki thereafter.

Chrystal-Woman in her mid 30's came to me for anxiety relief from diagnosed PTSD, from childhood. High anxiety, fearful and seeking relief and relaxation.   At start of session her breathing was quite heavy and fast like and anxiety high. She was somewhat slouched and muscles tight… per client. During session her breathing and body appeared very calm and deeply relaxed. After session client stated she felt like she could breath better, she felt very calm, standing tall, her conversation was much calmer, she text me later and said driving home, she didn’t feel fearful, it was the first time since she could recall that sat tall to drive verses slouched tight and anxiety stricken. She slept through the night which was unusual. She came to me for 2 more sessions and gained immense clarity to keep herself more under control and her mind. I also taught her Reiki thereafter.

Man in his 50's came to me for chronic back pain from an injury and sciatica/pain. He couldn't hardly bend over and his ankle had pain and was limping at arrival.  He also had issues with shortness of breath (he said it was due to his weight issue and he had sleep apnea). He hadn't been able to lay on his back in over 2 yrs due to pain. Had an accident which injured his back. During the 45 minute session he laid on his back entire time without pain, his heavy breathing calmed immensely and he slept a bit. After session he was stunned how his back pain was almost completely gone, he was bending and touching his toes and he was stunned his sciatica has almost total relief. He slept that whole night as well. He did come back a month later for another session. 

Cheyanne- age 18, my niece. I was gifting her a session for high school graduation and she happened to have a severe migraine at her arrival, which I didn’t know until after session. Afterward she said she arrived with migraine and nausea. She said about 10 minutes into our session her migraine disappeared and she fell asleep through the rest of our session. She awoke feeling like she slept for hours and felt so much better. Our session was 45 minutes. 

Ashley- 33 yr old woman, chronic knee pain, fibromyalgia. We did a 45 min session and after our session her pain was gone and didn’t return. That was approximately a year ago. 

I've had many teenagers come to me for anxiety and depression diagnosis.  They said the reiki sessions were extremely calming and they felt much clarity to the cause of their feelings and emotions. Some shed tears of relief. Several came back for another session or 2. 

I've done over 200+ sessions with many many amazing testimonials. I've had zero disappointed clients... from their testimonials to me. I've taught many students Reiki as well and many of them going on and doing Reiki for others.

It's an amazing scientific like modality, energy therapy,  that has so many benefits... that allows people to calm, center and allows themselves to relax to a state of healing and balance.  The art of allowing. I love facilitating and assisting people with Reiki therapy, it's so much fun!! I've taught R.N.'s, occupational therapists and more. The medical professionals use it at their jobs with hospitals. 

Thank you!!

Brenda Bickelhaupt, Certified Medical Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher

My Medical Reiki experience with Sue was incredible! All of my Reiki experiences with her have been uplifting and this was no different. Sue came to the birth of my 3rd child. We had a scheduled C-Section. The morning of our delivery I was a lot more nervous than I expected to be. I handle my emotions quite well but when she stepped into my room I felt a very warm energy that calmed my husband and myself. I was able to fully relax and actually enjoy my pre op experience. Sue used a technique called; Reiki Drip; to give me continuous Reiki. That calm stayed with me during the entire procedure. I have had C-Sections with each of my three children and this is the one time I did not have any complications. I actually smiled and enjoyed the process. The complications with the other two were minor, yet unwanted and did not allow me to fully enjoy the process. This experience was different and it was because Reiki was present and it was very intentional. She also came back to see me post-op. Sue grounded me and my baby with Reiki and made sure that both of our Chakras were open and aligned and the energy was flowing smoothly through both of us. Post-op she also used a breathing technique to let me clear any emotions from the surgery as well as clear any remaining toxins. I have been healing even quicker than before and felt great after the procedure. This special time for my family was made even more special by incorporating this incredible energy. I am so grateful for this experience and for Sue using her gift to help enhance this special experience. Thank you Sue!!

- Janelle K, Mindoro WI, September 9, 2016

“On August 28, 2017, I had a lumpectomy for my diagnosed DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in my left breast. Sue Haag from Rainbow Rock Reiki provided Reiki for me both before and after the surgery. As they were preparing me for the surgery, I was feeling a lot of anxiety about the whole procedure and finding it difficult to not cry. Both my husband and Sue were able to be with me while I waited. As soon as Sue began performing Reiki on me, my anxiety subsided a great deal and I was able to just talk and even joke around a little bit with those around me. I was able to stay calm right up until they wheeled me into the operating room. The surgery went well and as expected. When I was waking up from the anesthetic, I was crying and agitated. My husband was there trying to calm me down but it was not helping. He brought Sue into the room. As soon as she put her hands on my feet, I began to calm. Within minutes, I was no longer crying and much more relaxed. My husband was amazed how much Reiki was able to calm me down. I was home mid-afternoon the same day, completely pain-free. During my recovery, I never had any major pain. I never used any of the prescription pain medication given to me or even over the counter medication. When I met with the surgeon a week later, he told me that they did not find any cancer cells in the tissue that they took out of my breast. They basically got all of the cancer cells during the biopsy and found nothing else. The surgeon explained that this is not the norm but extremely good news! I was also told that my incision was healing beautifully. And, there was never any pain! I cannot thank Sue enough for being with me during this time and sharing her Reiki gifts with me”.

- Beth Y, WI, September 2017

“Recently (April 29, 2019) my husband Mark and I were told he would need a major heart surgery immediately.(Aortic valve replacement).  While we were quickly getting things in order we both agreed on the benefit of having reiki done for him. We were fortunate to know someone that not only was a Master Reiki Practitioner, and Reiki instructor but she was also trained in Medical Reiki. Sue was able to quickly compile a folder for us with her credentials and information on the benefits of receiving reiki while in the hospital and during surgery, which we provided to my husbands surgical team. Because of the urgency for the surgery, they were not able to immediately verify credentials to allow Sue in the OR but conceded to allowing Sue do reiki pre-op and in ICU/recovery post-op. 

The first benefit I noticed was Mark appeared less nervous and calmer once Sue began the reiki. (no drugs had been administered at this time).

The next observation came post op. We had been warned that Mark would appear very swollen, almost bloated and I would not recognize him. I was told he would be that way 

a day or two.I was pleasantly surprised to see my husband not only looking like himself, but, looking well considering the surgery he had just endured.

Mark was unconscious when Sue began post op reiki but we began seeing signs of recovery almost right away.

About 2 days after surgery I noticed that Mark had been taking less pain medication than he could have had and this has continued all through his healing.

He has discomfort and pain but it is much more manageable than either of us had imagined. I have been instructed by Sue myself in reiki I and II so Mark had requested me on several occasions during his 5 days in the hospital to do reiki on him and of course Sue had been sending reiki also. I should note that Mark had a added risk to his surgery due to a lung disease he has called sarcoidosis. While he has had some issues stemming from the lungs, he has had minimal complications from the sarcoidosis since surgery. I am crediting reiki for this benefit. Mark and I both believe reiki has played a beneficial part in his surgery and healing.”

Mark and Brenda Domabyl


“As a post script I would like to add that many Dr.'s and nurses have been exposed to the benefits of reiki due to Sue Haag’s presence with us”.

Sue Haag, Certified Medical Reiki Master

I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go for weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. You were good enough to come to my house after each chemo treatment because I was too sick to go to you. I would definitely recommend Reiki to cancer patients because it helped make the nausea go away and I always felt very relaxed after each session. It helped me face my cancer treatments because I knew the side effects wouldn’t be as severe. Thank you.

- Diane F.

In September 2008, I had surgery for an umbilical hernia. After the surgery I experienced a lot of pain. The area was also red and swollen. You sent me distance healing and I felt heat and pulsating. When I looked at my stomach I could see it moving up and down almost like a heartbeat. When I spoke to you afterwards, you said you had the feeling of the energy moving up and down much like my stomach. A few days later the pain had intensified and you sent me distance healing once again. You told me you felt like something was moving straight up and away from me. After this session, the incision began to drain and I felt instant relief. It drained for almost a week after this and I believe this was the beginning of my healing. I also had pain in my left shoulder from lifting something heavy. I asked you to Reiki the area and was totally amazed when the pain went away after about 10 minutes. Thanks so much.

- Terri H.

I recently asked you for Reiki when I was experiencing severe abdominal cramps and back pain. While you were sending me energy, I felt intense heat and pulsating in my stomach, as well as my back. After about 20 minutes, the cramps went away and the pain in my back pain started to subside. On another occasion, I pulled a ligament in my knee. I was in excruciating pain and could hardly walk. I don’t have health insurance and the best I could do was ice the knee and take pain killers. You gave my knee Reiki several times that week and each time I felt intense heat and pulsating and I noticed the pain was not as severe. The swelling gradually went down as did the pain and I can finally walk on it. My family was amazed when I told them about Reiki. Thank you.

- Bonnie R.

I was injured in a motor vehicle accident January 2004. I was diagnosed with six herniated discs throughout my neck/back and had to have reconstructive knee surgery. The rehabilitation process was long and painful and mentally, it drained my energy. Beth introduced me to Reiki and through her hard work, dedication and healing abilities, I was able to recover much faster than my doctors expected. I also saw Patty for torn ligaments. My leg was in a cast at the time I saw her, so she had to Reiki me through plaster. I felt a lot of heat and it felt as if my ligaments were being pulled together. She later told me that she was actually picturing the ligaments mending while she was sending heat and energy. The second time I saw her, I felt hot and cold through the cast as well as pulling. This time she told me she was alternating sending my leg heat and cold. I definitely feel that Reiki helped me to heal faster. My overall experience with the healings has greatly improved my physical, mental and emotional state. I highly recommend Reiki to anyone seeking peace within themselves as well as a balanced mind and body. Many thanks.

- Dave A.

I’ve been seeing you for problems with acid reflux. I’ve found Reiki to be a very relaxing and calming experience. It has the effect of a massage. There are a lot of hot and cold sensations, numbness and pressure predominantly in the head. I’m generally very thirsty after a session, which indicates toxins being released from the body. During a session, I also notice an intense burning up and down my esophagus. When this feeling subsides, the burring I normally feel seems to lessen somewhat in intensity.

- Kathy A.

The sensation I felt while experiencing Reiki was a unique one. The appearance of various shades of color (yellow, blue, and orange) and a state of complete relaxation are the most notable. At times I sensed a warming up at certain intervals, but not to the point of burning heat, but a heat of comfort and ease. This was most noticeable in the head area. I also experienced coolness, particularly in my hands. Again, this wasn’t extreme, but more of a relief, similar to having an icepack on a swollen area. I had the rare opportunity to block out everything going on in my life and for a period of 30-45 minutes, a time of no stress. At a bare minimum, Reiki is almost an instant stress release. That in itself represents a healing, even though it may be temporary.

On another occasion I had a very bad upper respiratory infection and cough. When you gave my chest and back Reiki, I had the unusual sensation of heat pouring from my back out my chest and afterwards my chest felt clear. I noticed my chest congestion cleared up much faster than usual. I saw my doctor about a week after for a persistent cough and he told me I had some fluid in my lungs and might have had pneumonia at one point. He felt that I was healing on my own and that it wasn’t necessary to start antibiotics at the time. I would highly recommend Reiki to anyone who is seeking any kind of healing, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.

- Tim E.

I broke my shoulder and was told to expect a lot of purple bruising on my ribs and arm. You gave me Reiki several times and it definitely helped the pain. I also felt very relaxed and when I went back to my doctor two weeks later, he was surprised I had healed so fast. I never had purple bruising — it went right to yellow which is what usually happens after the purple goes away. I was totally amazed.

- Gerri M.

I developed a bad respiratory tract infection and cough one night and couldn’t see my doctor until the morning. You sent me Reiki distance healing and by the morning, I felt 100% better. The cough totally went away.

- Kevin E.

I would like to share with you my experiences with Reiki since you have worked on me energetically several times. When I had sinus pressure and pain, I immediately felt intense heat and pulsating coming off of your hands. It was soothing like the feeling of a deep massage. I felt my sinuses draining and slight relief at that point. Various other times you worked on different ailments and the most immediate effect was again the heat and pulsating. Afterward, there IS a sense of peace and calm instilled. I can go to sleep at this point. When you have performed distance healing, the results were much the same. I could feel the energy go to where I needed it most. Not necessarily to the one place I asked for help with. Again, as if you were in the room — heat and pulsating. With this note as a true testament to my experience, I hope to help you open the door for people to see the true strength and beauty of what is Reiki.

- Pat F.

Beth Erbe, Certified Medical Reiki Master

My Reiki Experiences:

1. Cardiac Catheterization – I had Reiki with Tammy Petruccelli before and after this procedure. Although there is no real pain associated with it and no pain medications to take after, it is very stressful and I typically get very agitated waiting for it to begin. I believe that the Reiki treatment before and after significantly reduced if not eliminated the anxiety I usually feel when undergoing any type of medical procedure. I was calm and relaxed even though, during this particular procedure, I was awake enough to see some of what was going on and to answer some questions. I think without the Reiki, a panic attack was likely for me.

2. Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for a torn meniscus – This surgery was supposed to be particularly painful – everyone told me that it would be – even the surgeon. Tammy performed Reiki before and after this surgery. I walked out of the surgicenter with no problem, took no pain medication and even had a root canal the next day – and took no pain meds for that either. The endodontist told me that I would be in severe pain for a few days after and that there was nothing he could do about that. I never once even considered taking a pain pill. I only took an anti-inflammatory on occasion and iced the areas as is common with all surgery. This surgery took place on a Thursday, the root canal on Friday and on Saturday I attended an event at our Yacht club and even walked the stairs with no pain. Although I do have a good tolerance for pain, without Reiki I don’t think I would have done nearly as well having had both these procedures back to back. I don’t know if you want to hear from me about my husband’s experience, but here it is. He was a non-believer, but allowed Tammy to perform Reiki on his foot, which was giving him severe pain. The Podiatrist had told him he would need surgery as the cartilage was completely gone in the joint just below his big toe and he had a lot of bone spurs. Although certainly not a substitute for the surgery, the Reiki gave him pain relief for a full 3 days after. He was amazed. He was not expecting any results. He did have the surgery and keeps telling me he wants to schedule more Reiki!

I am a believer and now so is my skeptical husband. Thanks to Tammy and Reiki for making our lives easier.

Sincerely, Suzanne B.

Tammy Petruccelli, Certified Medical Reiki Master

Bringing a baby home and nursing it was much easier than bringing cancer home for all of us. With the loss of my breast, it felt so fulfilling to ‘nurse’ something once again. This time it was me. Instead of ‘fighting’, which caused so much friction and resistance in my body for the past year, I was finally healing! As I sit here and write, Reiki is here for me. As I write the words here for the first time in a year…"Stage 4"…Reiki is here for me. When it is too painful to hug my dear children, Reiki is here for me. When the grief, anxiety and fear is too thick, Reiki is there for us. Reiki brought joy, peace and the faith I sought since I was a child, back into our lives during a time of war. It brought an ease and understanding for our children, who have had to see and feel what children should never have to. It brought the connection of that inner feeling to the surface and validated everything for me and for us.

Lisa E. – a snippet from her post breast cancer surgery testimonial.

In late July of 2015 I was at home visiting with my husband and a friend when I experienced a severe stroke. I was unaware of any hints the brain aneurysms were developing - I was just visiting and talking and the next thing I remember is being in an ambulance. Thankfully my husband had some medical training from the military as well as Reiki. He acted immediately and got rapid medical help. He started giving me Reiki immediately. We both had been working with Reiki for over 30 years so we were both aware that Reiki energy was active and it helped us remain calm. My next clear memory was being on a gurney and wondering why this was happening to me. I was thinking I was eating well, doing Reiki and exercising. I remember asking ‘why’? The emergency workers, the medical teams, and my husband all seemed so “tuned in” to exactly what was needed in the moment. All the tests the doctors gave me indicated I had a 2 percent chance of survival. On a side note, I am so grateful that they stated my odds in the positive rather than saying there was a 98 percent chance of me NOT surviving. Let’s pause for a minute and realize how powerful using language that explains our intended outcome actually is. I have referred to it as using “intentional language.” As I am continuing the process of healing, I understand that healing is very different than just “curing”. So much more has been happening in this process. I was in a coma for 3 weeks and also paralyzed on my left side. I could neither walk or talk. Thanks to excellent medical care and various therapies, I am typing this article now. We were living in Sedona, Arizona when this happened .

Sedona is a small town in northern Arizona. We were an hour from Flagstaff and 2 hours from Phoenix, so medical treatment required was not conveniently nearby. We ended up moving to Phoenix for a couple of years and I was participating in daily therapy at a facility called Therapy Without Walls. I was assigned a team of therapists who helped me in a variety of ways. We have recently relocated back to Sedona. Here we are reinventing my therapy to include doctors, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, and physical training at a gym with a trainer. I really intend this testimonial to be inspirational for those who are healing as well as for people who serve the medical, Reiki, therapeutic, and emergency worker communities. It is because of them that I am here to tell this story. I am so thankful for the work of the teams that have joined together to help me experience life continuing. Before this all happened I use to think that healing was a goal, now I realize that it is a process.

Laurelle G.

I just have one word to say: REIKI. I had my first surgery, a modified radical mastectomy, left side only. The surgery was a breeze and the recovery pretty much pain free. I have only needed extra strength Tylenol twice. This is thanks to Reiki. Before starting on this journey, I knew nothing about Reiki, yet it enabled me to be up and dancing in the halls just hours after surgery. Everyone, including the nursing staff was amazed! I have been getting Reiki treatments pretty much every week since May. And I can tell you it has made a huge difference. During chemo I never got sick, only a few tired days after each treatment. That was it. I have been feeling great! Mona Bland Thiel, my Reiki Therapist is also a Medical Reiki Master and she was with me up until they wheeled me into the O.R. and was with me immediately in the PAC-U (this took some convincing on our part at FMH but was well worth it.) The family was told I would be out of recovery in an hour but I was out and alert in 20 minutes thanks to Reiki.


"I can’t express enough how beneficial the Reiki you gave me was, both before and after my June 15 breast lumpectomy. The time and healing you dedicated has been instrumental to my health. Before the surgery, I was kind of holding my breath and had a lot of tension in my body. The Reiki helped me to relax, breath and feel at peace mentally and physically. After, it  re-balanced my energy and set me on the path toward a very fast and easy recovery. I felt no pain or discomfort and was able to resume my normal activities that immediately. A week later, I still feel great!"

Nancy M.

Jean Bromage, Certified Medical Reiki Master

Reiki is still new to the medical system in Canada. We have pockets of hospitals and practitioners who work together but unlike the United States, Complementary therapies are still viewed with suspicion. It was while having a casual conversation with my client that they mentioned they would be having day surgery in roughly 10 days. As I am keen on getting Reiki into Hospitals in my local area – this was an opportunity to test the waters.

My client spent some time thinking about my offer to provide Reiki pre- during, and post-operation. At the end of August 2015, my client asked for information: support documentation or articles and my background of offering Reiki to our local Hospice. (Hospice House Simcoe, Barrie, Ontario, Canada). I forwarded the support papers Raven Keyes the founder of Medical Reiki™ shared with her students earlier in August: Dr. Ketan K. Badani’s letter, Dr Oz and Reiki, Reiki and Breast Cancer and Healers in the Operating Room with Dr. Sheldon Feldman, MD.

The previous surgeries my client had were not pleasant and found them to be very stressful. The client composed a letter to the Surgeon emphasizing how learning and using Reiki daily had contributed to better health. Initially the pre-op nurse felt that permission would be denied due to the lengthy process required to have someone present in the operating room. The client’s surgery was less than a week away. Therefore, the client opted to have a Reiki practitioner in the recovery room.

Six days before the operation the client’s Doctor called and shared “you are welcome to have the treatment done at home but not in the hospital”. “No-one would be allowed access to the patient post operation.” Needless to say my client was disappointed. The client might have been downhearted but certainly not defeated. As most people are used to fighting for what they want, the client was no different. The Hospital’s Patient Representative was contacted and the story was explained. The Representative asked for a copy of the letter that had been sent to the Surgeon’s office. The Surgeon’s office phoned my client and indicated ‘they were reviewing the letter and will look into being able to accommodate my request.” Within a half hour the Surgeon called again and advised my client that “the Reiki practitioner can be with you before surgery once I’ve [the client] had been prepped and in the day surgery area once in the recovery room.”

We arrived together on the appointed day. Once the client was signed in, I was shown into pre-op and shared Reiki. As I was unable to be in the operating room, the opportunity to continue with distance Reiki was an option. After what seemed like an eternity, the nurse called me into the recovery area. My client was quite happy to receive the warmth of Reiki and restore balance after the trauma of surgery. Once the vital signs were stable, the client was free to leave. Together we walked out into the bright and sunny, late summer afternoon.

Below is a copy of a testimonial my client wrote:

“I asked myself, what was the benefit of having a Reiki practitioner with me while I was at the hospital? I felt supported. It made the experience less intimidating. I was less fearful about having surgery. I knew that I was going to be taken care of. I had the opportunity to have a Reiki treatment for about 30 minutes before I went into surgery and as they wheeled me into the operating room, I was calm, relaxed and not worried about the outcome. I was confident that I was ok. After surgery when I had been moved out of the recovery section and into the daycare surgery area where Lorinda was able to join me, the Reiki treatment helped with managing my pain and discomfort. However, having Lorinda there was not only a benefit because she is a Reiki Master but also because of her skill in being a kind and gentle caregiver.” 

- D.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share Reiki with my clients and with experience I will be able to coach other clients to achieve Reiki in the Operating Room.

September 19th, 2015

Sincerely, Lorinda Weatherall, CMRM

Integrative Healthcare with Reiki – Barrie, Ontario, Canada

My fellow home care Nurse was diagnosed 2 years ago with breast cancer, she had a double mastectomy, radiation and chemo. On October 2nd, 2018 I was humbled and honored to accompany her to the OR for bilateral breast reconstruction. We met at 5:45 am at Johns Hopkins Bayview. The pre-op Nurse had no issues with me accompanying my client to the pre-op area.  There I did some Reiki for her as we waited for the team to arrive. Once the team arrived, I was asked to put on a white scrub uniform and the rest of the gear. The team was very welcoming to me and accommodating. At about 8 am they had me walk in the OR with the team and flow Reiki to my client until she was completely under. Once she was completely under I waited in waiting area with the family, answered their questions about Reiki while flowing Reiki distantly to my client. The surgeon had someone come get me at soon as my client came out of the OR into PACU around1 pm. Dr. Broderick acknowledged that this work was needed if to even just help with the anxiety patients face. They let me stay with her until she was transitioned into recovery and then I followed her out to the car. Today I checked on her via text and sent her distance Reiki this evening. 

It was a truly amazing experience for both myself and my client. I have the name of the support group and outreach group from my client. I’m at beyond words! I know I keep saying this but thank you sooooo much for the RKMRI Medical Reiki Training. Doing this work makes me so happy. We are making a difference in the world!

Jenn Lloyd, Certified Medical Reiki Master

Rita is amazing! Originally they told us she could only accompany me in pre and post op. As the staff became more comfortable with her, they kept authorizing her further. They even let her in the OR until I was sleeping. She was so comforting and she had the staff engaged in conversation about how we are not alone in the healing process. I felt like their commitment to why they chose medicine was reinforced. It was beautiful.

Catherine R.

Rita Glassman, Certified Medical Reiki Master

My name is Georgia Gander and I live in Ontario, Canada.  In October 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity of training with Raven Keyes in Florida.  Even though our health care system is much different than the United States and at this point, we are not allowed into the actual Operating arena, I have been priviledge to offer Medical Reiki - long distance - to six individuals undergoing surgery.  The results have been astounding!  EACH one of them has shared with me their amazing results and are now true believers in the healing power of Reiki.  

The method I used was as follows:

One or two sessions were done in advance of the surgery date to prepare them for their surgery.

On the day of surgery - I sent Reiki one hour prior to their surgery time to calm and relax and release any anxieties.

I continued throughout their surgery - sending to the client, the anesthetist, the surgeon, the nurses and staff and the whole surgery arena.  The clients family was to inform me by text when the client was in recovery - which was done each time.

I then continued the Reiki with the client - easing their recovery and was once again informed by family when the patient returned to the room.

Follow up continued for an additional day as they recovered and healed from whatever surgery they had gone through.  

Family members and the patients have shared that their surgery went better than expected (as told by their Doctors) and each and every one of them left the hospital sooner than they had been told.  Four of the six had little or no pain and did not require pain medication after leaving the hospital.  Each of them have reported to me that they feel confident and positive about the outcomes of their surgeries and feel that the Reiki that was being sent to them is the main reason for this outcome.

SO - even though we are not allowed inside the actual operating room, this type of assistance is beneficial for all who require medical surgery and thus enhances the care and healing of the individual.

Whether we are actually IN the operating room or working OUTSIDE of it, Medical Reiki is beneficial to all involved - including ME!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to share and as a Canadian, I will continue to be sharing this information with others so that one day, our Health Care system may also allow us into the Operating Room.

Georgia Gander, Certified Medical Reiki Master