2019 Trainings

Medical Reiki

New York City, NY - February 2 & 3 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Long Island, NY - March 30 & 31 - with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED

Baltimore, MD - June 29 & 30 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Columbus, OH - July 6 & 7 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

New York City, NY - July 13 & 14 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Omaha, NE - October 5 & 6 - with Raven Keyes

Nashua, NH - October 12 & 13 - with Raven Keyes

Newark, DE - October 19 & 20 - with Raven Keyes

San Diego, CA - October 26 & 27 - with Raven Keyes

Yuba City, CA - November 2 & 3 - with Raven Keyes

Boise, ID - November 9 & 10 - with Raven Keyes

Long Island, NY - December 14 & 15 - with Lisa Wolfson

EOL Doula

Long Island, NY - February 9 & 10 - with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED

Black River Falls, WI - April 6 & 7 - with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED

Reiki I & II Intensive

Rockville Centre, Long Island NY - September 14 & 15 - with Lisa Wolfson

Reiki Master

Manhatten, NYC - August 3 & 4 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Rockville Centre, Long Island NY - October 26 & 27 - with Lisa Wolfson

Reiki Master Teacher

Rockville Centre, Long Island NY - November 23 & 24 - with Lisa Wolfson

2020 Trainings

Medical Reiki

Tempe, AZ - March 21 & 22 - with Raven Keyes

Baltimore, MD - April 4 & 5 - with Raven Keyes

Black River Falls, WI - July 25 & 26 - with Raven Keyes

2018 Medical Reiki Trainings


 Tempe, AZ - February 24 & 25 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Venice, FL - April 7 & 8 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

New York, NY - April 21 & 22 - with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED

Baltimore, MD - June 23 & 24 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Chicago, IL - July 7 & 8 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Havre de Grace, MD - July 21 & 22 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Black River Falls, WI - September 8 & 9 - with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED

San Francisco, CA - September 15 & 16 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Portland, OR - September 29 & 30 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Flushing, MI - October 13 & 14 - with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED

New York City, NY - November 10 & 11 - with Raven Keyes - COMPLETED

Long Island, NY - December 1 & 2 with Lisa Wolfson - COMPLETED


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These are the teachers certified to teach Medical Reiki
for Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International.



Raven Keyes, CMRM, RMT, founder of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International (RKMRI Medical Reiki™), is a Medical Reiki Master Teacher, certified hypnotherapist and guided meditation maven. She was the first to bring Reiki into the operating room of Dr. Mehmet C. Oz. Raven is presently working with surgeons that include Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, former Chief of Breast Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, currently at Montefiore Medical Center as Chief, Division of Breast Surgery & Breast Surgical Oncology, Director Breast Cancer Services, Professor Department of Surgery at Einstein Medical School and President of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. 

Raven has been providing Reiki to patients before, during and after surgeries for nearly two decades. Based on this important work, she has created a new elite team of Reiki Masters known as certified RKMRI Medical Reiki Masters™ who are trained to bring Reiki into the operating room and into any medical situation. In the world of professional sports, she has introduced Reiki to athletes in the NFL and NBA.  Featured in national magazines such as “Vogue” and “W,” Raven was named “Best Reiki Master in New York” by New York Magazine and was televised as “New Yorker of the Week” on NY-1 for providing volunteer Reiki services for 8½ months after 9/11. Her award winning book “The Healing Power of Reiki” is an Amazon Best Seller. Included in her second book, “The Healing Light of Angels” Raven describes the ways in which the spiritual beings called angels support her work.



Lisa Wolfson is a breast cancer survivor who dedicates her time to spiritual and holistic growth, helping other survivors and all people to reach optimal health and well-being . Using her vast knowledge and experience, she guides her students in Reiki training and advancement, works with clients on a regular basis and organizes workshops for holistic, psychic and spiritual growth and is a published author on various related subjects. Six years ago, she hosted the first Ladies Day event to honor the remarkable women in her life…an event which has blossomed into an annual event of forty plus women and growing. She is an excellent organizer of fundraisers and is a strong proponent of  'giving back'.  
Lisa administered Reiki in Pre-Op, the Operating Room and the Recovery Room at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital during robotic surgery. This was the first time ever that Reiki was performed in this setting. She also did the same during breast cancer surgery at Weil Cornell Medical Center. A first there as well.

"I derive great joy and fulfillment from helping others. Empowerment is key… I grow myself in order to grow others."

  • RKMRI Medical Reiki Master Teacher

  • Member of The Long Island Reiki Connection

  • Lifetime Accreditation from The World Metaphysical Association

  • Registered Metaphysical Practitioner

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher

  • Ordained All Faith Minister

  • Advanced Crystal Master / Healer

  • End of Life Doula and Teacher

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Essential Oil Distributor – Raindrop Technique

  • Holistic Health Coach

  • Founder of the Annual Ladies Day Event

  • International Accreditation Board



John Keane is a founding member of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC and brought Reiki into surgery for many years even before the company was officially formed. He was certified as a Reiki Master in April of 1998 and set off on a glorious career. 

In March of 2001, Keane was invited to Giants Stadium to administer Reiki to Charles Way, Director of Player Development for the New York Giants. After treating Charles with great results, John was invited back to administer Reiki to other New York Giants who were suffering from various injuries, notably Coach Jim Fassel and offensive lineman, Mike Rosenthal. He also worked briefly with kicker, Matt Bryant. 

In 2001, Purvis Short, Director of Player Development for the NBA Players Association, was in New York City on business and met with Keane for a Reiki session. Due to the positive results from that session, John was subsequently invited by Mr. Short to bring Reiki to the 2002 Rookie Transition Program. At this event, he treated the new class of NBA rookies as well as luminaries such as Bob Lanier, Rich Rinaldi, Rory Sparrow, Darnell Valentine, Roy Hinson, and NBA Players Association member, Tim McCormick. John has given Reiki to NBA players Brian Scalabrini, Frank Williams, Dan Dikau, Bobby Simmons and Ethimius Rentzias, among others. At the Rookie Transition event, he also administered Reiki to Dr. Earl Suttle and Dr. Michael Parr of the NBA, who were enlightened to the great value of combining Reiki with western medicine.  

After September 11th, John participated in extensive volunteer work, giving Reiki sessions to members of the New York Fire Department who were doing rescue and recovery work at Ground Zero.

In the world of western medicine, John Keane was invited to address the medical staff at the Rogosin Institute of New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Medicial College of Cornell University. He was asked to address the significance of energy medicine in general and Reiki therapy before, during and after surgery, in particular regarding its application in aiding those needing kidney transplants. John has worked for years in breast cancer surgery and also in robotic surgery. He has much to share with those wishing to study RKMRI Medical Reiki™ and is likewise a powerful asset to anyone undergoing surgery.